Wonders decoded

Extrasensorial looking at the ancient and its meaning towards future architecture

Hyun Soo Suh


The search in this paper is set on the authentic analysis of the ancient architecture. There are many sites and architectures that are considered to be sacred, spiritual or mysterious in a popular sense. Because they are outside of the current knowledge of science, people irresponsibly give them titles of ‘wonders’ or ‘mysteries’ and put them in a cast of untouchable ‘sacredness’ which in turn makes it harder to see the truth about the real causes of their positioning and design. When geared by ‘Extrasensory perception(ESP)’ which is the natural cognitive ability of every human being, the scenes that have gone unnoticed come onto the surface and unfolded as the accurate reflection of the real. With ESP, one is able to measure certain forces existing in nature and find out that those forces have been the major factors affecting the ancient architecture. Having seen the correlation between what ESP can reveal and how the ancients have managed their built environment, from site selection to spatial design, one comes to the conclusion that the architecture in an original sense is much deeper than the current apprehension and practice. Observing the ancient manifestation with intuitive eyes(ESP) thus discloses the proper pattern of spatialization and it is what the architecture of tomorrow should be based upon.

Keywords: Extrasensory perception(ESP), dowsing, ancient placements

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