2. Extrasensory perception

Let us go into more detailed pictures of the realm of ‘perception’. A ‘perception’ can be operated in three classifications. First is connected to the analysis of ‘sensed’ information and is called ‘Sensory perception(SP)’. SP involves, in a traditional sense, reception of information gained through the physical senses such as sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch. The problem arising from this particular and yet the most generally performed perception is that it is always the case that there are predetermined values affecting the outcome through the processes of organization, identification, and interpretation of the acquired information. In other words, the sensory perception is, by its descent, however excellently keen and acute it may be, only an interpreted mental grasp which leaves it with a considerably huge limit.

The second is incorporated with a higher sensing ability in which higher and deeper coherency with the factual entity of a subject occurs. It is called ‘Highersensory perception(HSP)’. HSP concerns a dealing of a larger amount of information from phenomena acquired by senses. Well known examples are the manifestations of psychic abilities such as telepathy, clairaudience, trans-temporal operations involving pre or retro-cognition and etc. In the course of spiritual or ascetic exercise, this perception occurs at frequent base depending on individual intention. People who exert such perception know things through the ways that are not normally perceived by the general people. Simply put, people with HSP experience the world more multi-dimensionally because they can cognize more information from the nature of totality. But the problem is,  however that HSP mode still relies on the sensory organs, and the processing of organization, identification and interpretation of the brain. Due to such restraints, the results of cognition differ from individual to individual. In other word, people with HSP can experience a world more diversely and multifaceted but still within their own frame of reference, meaning it is still not in line with the highest form of knowledge, the knowledge that coincides with the subject as it truly is, the truth.

The last is one that is surpassing the previous two. Seen from the arguments before, it is clear that sense based perceptive images are in most cases incorrect or insufficient to know things as they really are. ‘Extrasensory perception(ESP)’ is a way of perceiving things without any engagement with the faculty of bodily senses and workings of a brain. It is a form of direct perception of a truth or a fact, an immediate apprehension independent of any reasoning process. Simply put, It is a realm of ‘I just know it.’ In this sense, it might be understood as a form of knowing based on an intuition or one that is equated with a spiritual encounter. The explicit distinction is in the mechanism that five senses have no place to play a part at all. It does not involve any of bodily senses but something much broader and radical realm of human capability.

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