1. What do we see(the problem of perception)?

“Why is it,” Jonathan puzzled, “that the hardest thing in the world is to convince a bird that he is free, and that he can prove it for himself if he’d just spend a little time practicing? Why should that be so hard?”


Everything starts with a one single moment of engagement between the observer and the observed. A variety of views and opinions are piled up to form a so-called ‘knowledge’ which acts as a stepping stone for the next cycle of observation. It is this on-going process of accumulation which most of the people consciously or unconsciously base their system of cognization of the world.

It does not mean that this subjective way of getting to know things is wrong. If the universe is designed in a way that it operates at its own will(which is considered to be ‘perfect’), this subjectively-engaged process of observation is also perfectly fine. Nothing must be judged by and everything is in its own perfect phase of the time and place. But it is also to be said that even if there is no right or wrong in this realm of ‘perfectness’, there is indeed a difference of depth in relation to acknowledging the true picture of the observed. The one who sees more wins in ‘knowing’ which directly deepens the understanding of it. In the realm of perception, thus, what is essential is quality, not the quantity. One genuine insight over infinite numbers of subjective opinions.

This subtle mechanism of ‘quality-oriented’ observation can be relatively effortlessly operated but it also can be the hardest thing ever to be achieved. As it might have been hinted in the previous paragraph, the key factor in getting access to authentic awareness is a conscious act of engagement with a self to get rid of infinite numbers of subjective opinions. In short, when an individuality dies out, the veiled truth is disclosed. The individuality in this context is largely the sense-based perception based on the process of interpretation which involves person’s learning, memory, expectation, and prejudices. As long as a view is rooted on such perception, the case is closed, leaving one behind with social doctrines and personal inclinations.

The solution to subjugate sense based perception is a mindful act of dismissing what I know now. It is an act of going beyond of a present knowledge, being on the outside of the current norms and looking without discrimination. It is an ‘extra’-sensory perception which is quite essential in acquiring true picture of reality. It is not only important for a domain of science but also a deep concern for many religious systems since they are trying to find the true self, true god and after all, a true reality as it is.

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