Evidence-based Contemplative Practice: Body Knows.

‘Applied Kinesiology’ pioneered by Dr. G. Goodheart and ‘bevavioral kinesiology’ developed by Dr. J. Diamond shares the common denominator in essence, which is the fact that body knows things at a level far below conceptual consciousness by signaling through muscle strength. This particular awareness of body seems to be able to recognize things that cannot be perceived by sensory-based data and interpretations. The discovery of this body-awareness is closely linked to the term ‘Extrasensory perception(ESP)’. It occurs independently of the known sensory processes including mental reasoning and interpretation.

????? ᅵᆼ_Strength

???? 징_O-ring

If this perception of ‘deeper consciousness’ or ‘out of ordinary knowledge’ proves to be real and factual, it can definitely be the way to enter ‘tabular-rasa’ of a clear vision for acquiring the higher knowledge. For example, when engaged with ESP, space is not just space but it is a field that is filled with various kinds of forces at play. Exploring the ancient architectures around the world, it has been revealed that the placement of sacred buildings such as temples and tombs are precisely disposed and dimensioned according to the effective forces on-site.

Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 4.37.09 PM

‘Seeing deeper’ leads to more authentic and proper results. The same mechanism of perception can be applied to self-realization. By being sincerely aware of this perceptive force within and letting it out as it wishes, one comes to the extraordinary territory of clear vision and mindfulness that views the world-as-it-is, which is ‘spiritual’ in its essence.

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