The only way

I post the article from Gretchen Rubin. It is a part of her Interview with Greer Hendricks. I think she reveals some insights to which everyone can link themselves. They might be the most general type of advice but the hardest ones to do in reality. This morning I read this piece and I contemplated on it for my own weaknesses that I think I should get rid of. I completely agree with Greer that the only way past is to go through it, be humbly brave to stand up to it.

Gretchen: What’s a simple habit or activity that consistently makes you happier or more productive?

Greer: Exercise.  I work out first thing in the morning usually seven days a week — a mixture of running, interval weight training and yoga (which I do with my husband on Sundays).  I find that no matter what curveballs are thrown at me during the day I am much better equipped to handle them if I’ve moved my body.

Gretchen: Is there a particular motto or saying that you’ve found very helpful? (e.g., I remind myself to “Be Gretchen.”) Or a quotation that has struck you as particularly insightful? Or a particular book that has stayed with you?

Greer: The only way past it is through it.  When I dread a task — filling out tricky insurance forms, a challenging rewrite or a difficult conversation — I remind myself of these words and forge forward. Also, one of my favorite mottos is one I learned from you: accept yourself, and expect more from yourself. 


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